• Valentine changed the profile picture for Roman.
    August 2017
  • Roman earned the Topicist badge.
    April 2017
    You've started 3 topics! Creating valuable topics are the best way to learn more.
  • Roman earned the First Anniversary badge.
    March 2017
    Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
  • Roman earned the Technology Day badge.
    May 2016
    Thanks for visiting us on International Technology Day.
  • Roman earned the 10 Comments badge.
    April 2016
    No longer a one-hit wonder! It looks like you’re going places.
  • Roman earned the Welcoming Committee badge.
    April 2016
    Commenting on a new member’s first discussion is a great way to make them feel at home.
  • Roman earned the Topicist badge.
    April 2016
    You've started your 1st topic! Creating valuable topics are the best way to learn more.
  • Roman earned the First Comment badge.
    March 2016
    Commenting is the best way to get involved. Jump in the fray!
  • Roman earned the Tutor badge.
    March 2016
    You wrote a full tutorial or guide to help others get past a troublesome spot in Vanilla.
  • Roman earned the Name Dropper badge.
    March 2016
    Mentioning someone in a discussion (like this: @Name) is a great way to encourage dialog and let them know who you’re talking to.
  • Roman earned the Crystal Ball badge.
    March 2016
    You're so good at debugging Time4VPS you can predict what the user wants before they can even formulate their question coherently.
  • Roman earned the Photogenic badge.
    March 2016
    Little things like uploading a profile picture make the community a better place. Thanks!
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