Hybrid servers

You should offer hybrid solutions (VPS + Storage).

Customer could select solution where VPS (512MB, 1 CPU, 20GB) + Storage (512 GB)
VPS is provided with normal backups.
Storage part mounted to /data -directory without backups.

That would provide normal system backups AND user could reinstall OS, without removing data at /data storage.

Both should be upgradeable separately. So I could keep that VPS and upgrade storage bigger.. Or vice versa. Bandwidth value should come from that side where it is bigger.


  • seems too convoluted to automate and roll out, regardless of the virtualization type. DigitalOcean just now finially got something similar, but even then you have to mount & format the storage yourself
  • JJussiJJussi Member
    Mounting and formatting storage is not problem.. ;-)
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