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Small Linux KVM Plan

Are you plannig to offer small KVM plans, for example with 5Gb SSD and 512 mb RAM or 10Gb SSD and 1Gb RAM?
Something like this.
Thank you much!


  • GiedriusGiedrius Moderator
    Hey RazorRamon,

    curently we do not have such packages, but we always keep our minds open. You may follow us on social channels to know about our new features implementation.
  • FemidaFemida Member
    Need small KVM plans, too.
  • Our company is interested in small KVM plans such as 512mb of Ram and 5gb SSD disk space. Please provide information when this plan would be available for rent. Good luck to everyone.
  • Let's make this a petition?
    Who need a smaller KVM plan?
  • ValentineValentine Administrator
    edited November 14

    2.60 GHz:1024 MB:20 GB:2 TB:100 Mbps package is available:

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