Custom distribution / kernel?


I'm looking to migrate my server to another VPS provider (I'm currently on Linode). Time4vps has come up as one possible option. However, I'd really like to be able to run a stock Fedora distribution, including the kernel. I assume it's not possible currently with Time4vps KVM offering? If so, do you have any plans to enable that? 

Another question: do you offer out-of-band access to the server console? It'd be essential to be able to see and interact with the console in case the server has some boot time problems, e.g. sshd won't start, or a firewall misconfiguration (don't tell me you have never locked yourself out with iptables ;) ). 

Also, do you offer DNS hosting? It'd be a great plus for you.


  • Giedrius
    Hey donjoe,
    Our KVM VPS can offer kernel customization, also we provide Fedora 22, 23, 24 version, which can be installed and used on the VPS. Although, custom images or OS are not supported currently.

    We do offer a Web Console, which can be used from Clients Area, in order to access server in some situations, which you mentioned.

    We have DNS Manager tool, which could be used to add and manage your domains via our system.
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