Can I serve video streaming with Storage VPS?

I am looking for storage VPS hostings and I have found that their prices are affordable.
However I would still need to know if I am able to run these things on storage VPS:

- Video streaming thorugh the server?
- Running wordpress websites?
- Preinstall Cpanel?
- Adding a Platinumservermanagement team to manage it?

Are those possible with Storage VPS?

I cannot afford to pay $150 for dedicated. Also its too much for our website. Because our traffic is low (3-4K daily). And we serve videos to our members only.
So I think the best thing is going with Storage VPS. But how are they good by running wordpress with a lot of videos?


  • Giedrius

    we happy you are interested in our VPS, below we provide you the answers to your questions:

    * Video streaming is allowed in our servers, however, you should keep in mind that our servers do not have dedicated GPU, in case you needed one;
    * Storage servers can be used to host websites, including WordPress based website;
    * cPanel is available additionally for 9.99 EUR/month, however our Storage servers has very limited resources besides disk space, so it is not recommended in general.
    * You may add 3rd person to manage your server.

    In general storage servers are suited for archiving data, however, you could use it for other tasks because it is basically a Standard VPS, just have different resources. Also, please keep in mind, that we do not generate backups for Storage servers, so this should be handled by you.

    If you have further questions, let us know or you can simply open a ticket.
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