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This all looks very interesting as I plan for a move from my present hosting company in the USA.

First, I notice you can't take orders from Lithuania. Can you take them from Bulgaria? I'm a Brit living in BG with UK and BG credit cards, so I presume one would work?

Second, when it comes to network stuff, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but can just about manage my way around cPanel. It looks like you offer that. Can you confirm?

Third. I have about a hundred domains for sale with each having one small static page. Can I have multiple 'add-on' domains?

I'm bound to think of something else the moment I send this!




  • Anastasija
    Hello, Brooksie,

    Yes, you could place an order from Bulgaria. As payment methods we accept PayPal, Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard), Paysera / Webmoney / Bank Transfer and Bitcoins.

    Yes, we are an authorized cPanel NOC. You can order a cPanel/WHM VPS Optimized license right after VPS order confirmation. License price is 9.99 EUR/month.

    Due to VPSs are self-managed, we do not have any limitation how many domains could be hosted on VPS. In this case you do not need to order any add-ons for domains. You just could host so many domains as you need.

  • Brooksie
    Hi Anastasija

    Thanks for the reply.

    The monthly price of €9.99 a month rather defeats the object of having a cheap server and also takes it over the amount I'm currently paying for unlimited everything with the US company.

    My requirements are very small and simple. Is there a cheaper way?


  • Brooksie
    Member edited August 2017
    Actually, I've been having a think.

    Perhaps the best idea is for me to sign up for 3 months and see what I can achieve myself.

    Plus, I've been reading more about VPS and now understand the difference between shared web hosting and VPS.

    Sorry about wasting everyone's time!


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