Enable IPv6 without re-installing the VPS

I would like to enable IPv6 on my VPS without a full re-install of the OS.
how can i configure my VPS so that it will get a IPv6 address assigned?


  • mattinmattin Member
    edited April 25
    +1 for this. Same here :smile:
  • RomanRoman Moderator

    In order to enable IPv6 without re-install just open a ticket with support department. We will help you right away!
  • koter84koter84 Member
    is reverse-DNS planned for IPv6 ? if so, when should this become available?
  • RomanRoman Moderator

    From now on reverse DNS for IPv6 is the same as your VPS IPv4 rDNS. So, when you update your IPv4 rDNS you automatically set same rDNS entry for IPv6.
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