Install Plesk

Use the One-Click Installer utility to perform a clean installation of the Plesk Panel in one step. Plesk-Panel install utility automatically determines your operating system and installs the latest version of an appropriate distribution in the typical configuration. One-Click Installer works only on Linux OS.

To install the Plesk Panel, run one of the following commands on behalf of the root.

With wget utility, run:

wget -O - | sh

With curl utility, run:

curl | sh

With fetch utility, run:

fetch -o - | sh


  • lgobs
    Member edited June 2016
    During installation of Plesk 12.5.30 i faced a few issues:

    1. MySQL socket error.. resolution is to add:

    bind-address = "your ip address" (without quotes)

    into my.cnf file (/etc/mysql/my.cnf) under [mysqld] section.

    2. Dovecot won't start.. resolution is, create new config file in /etc/dovecot/conf.d
    name it for example: 5-ip4-listen.conf and add there:

    # Listen on IPv4 only
    listen = *

    save it and Dovecot will start now.
  • lgobs
    Member edited June 2016
    Next thing is FTPS (with TLS/SSL) - connection time out.
    Resolution is to create Passive Ports config file in /etc/proftd.d/
    for example: 40-passive-ports.conf

    put there for example:

    PassivePorts 30000 30400

    and then in Plesk Firewall config you have to create new rule to open that ports ( Allow incoming from all on port 30000-30400/tcp )
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