[VestaCP] Installation of Zend Guard loader


Zend Guard Loader is an extension that makes it possible to use PHP files encoded with Zend Guard, a widely accepted PHP encoding and obfuscation product on the market that protects applications from unlicensed use and reverse engineering.

The tutorial was prepared with our "VestaCP with CentOS 6" template and is meant to work on our self-managed virtual private servers.

0. Preliminary requirements:
"VestaCP with CentOS 6" template installed on server.

1. Downloading Zend loader and extracting it
Before any installation we must download Zend Guard loader:

wget http://downloads.zend.com/guard/7.0.0/zend-loader-php5.5-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

After successful download extract archive and enter it's folder:

tar xzvf zend-loader-php5.5-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

cd zend-loader-php5.5-linux-x86_64

2. Installing Zend loader
Copy the "ZendGuardLoader.so" file to following location:

cp ZendGuardLoader.so /usr/lib64/php

Now you must create additional .ini file and paste the following content:

nano /etc/php.d/zenguard.ini
; priority=30
; Enable Zend Guard extension
Just restart Apache and that's it:

service httpd restart

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